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The Filipino is no stranger or neophyte to situations like the one we face today. Just because this is Congress it has to be a secret, secret. Ang gusto ninyo para hindi na kayo mandamay, huminto na kayo ng ano. The series of damaging quakes in Leyte, Surigao and nearby provinces and islands attest to this. Iyong mga ano ninyo na – but we know everyday that one family raped, dalawa and all are dead. Nevertheless, let us work together and lay a new foundation upon which a better Philippines can be reconstructed. Let me end by wishing everyone in the language of the old: “May God Keep us forever sheltered in the hollow of His hand.” Salamat.

An English translator is on standby to interpret the President's vernacular lines for attending foreign dignitaries. But his propensity started almost 17 years ago when we were members of the 11th Congress. We have to act decisively on this contentious issue. Though it was translated into English and in this two books, three books, there are the definition of crimes and the penalties and everything. He is a billionaire; he was my classmate, ewan ko nandito siya.Neither will I be immobilized into inaction by the fear that I will commit an act that will expose me to public condemnation or legal prosecution. Kaya mag-82 kayo or kaya binobombahan niyo kasi ako ng ganun. [applause] Maya-maya pagdating ng mga – [applause and cheers] pagdating nitong mga Western expert kuno, you give them so much premium and importance. The National Government Portal, which we launched recently, will allow faster and easier delivery of public services and reduce the number of visits of the public to agencies for government transactions.You harm the children in whose hands the future of this Republic is entrusted, and I will hound you to the very gates of hell. The Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Migration Plan has also been launched.That is why, I have resolved that no matter how long it takes, the fight against illegal drugs will continue because that is the root cause of so much evil and so much suffering [applause] that weakens the social fabric and deters foreign investments from pouring in. I did it for the 50 plus one because in a vote of 100, I get 51, 50 plus one. But when the time comes, eh kung malasin ako, pupunta ako sa presuhan, do not worry about me. Kaya huwag kayong mag – patayin talaga ninyo, kasi ilagay natin ‘yan diyan sa barracks natin diyan, sa ating Mechanized Division. Pero me, I have not authorized my Cabinet member to utilize the low plate. Last May 31, 2017, we achieved the first step towards more equitable taxes to fund better services for the people. In the meantime, the DOF and BIR are strengthening and running after tax evaders.The fight will be unremitting as it will be unrelenting. Fifty is one-half, one, that is majority of one, I win. Pag-eskapo niyan, dalhin ‘yung kanyon natin, ipaputok pa sa atin. I commend the House of Representatives for heeding my urgent certification of the tax reform by passing the first of five packages of the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program with an overwhelming 246 votes, representing almost 9 percent of the Filipino people. [Applause] I have directed the DOF and the BIR to accept Mighty Corporation’s offer of P25 billion to settle its tax liabilities.

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Inside it fetches a Customer matching the Customer ID and deletes it using the Delete Object() method.

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Pay attention to the way he’s treating you and the language he uses.

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In other words, it’s not a libido deficit, it’s monogamy—an unspoken two-year itch.