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The internal mechanics differ from those on i OS, adopting the Responsive Scrolling model introduced in mac OS 10.9 as the means of "prefetching" content (content is cached on the main thread and scrolling allowed to proceed concurrently on a background thread), but the end result as seen by the user and NSCollection View client code are nearly the same: When Responsive Scrolling is enabled for an NSCollection View, its data Source may now be sent -collection View:item For Represented Object At Index Path: and -collection View:view For Supplementary Element Of Kind:at Index Path: for content that resides outside the NSCollection View’s current visible Rect.

The NSCollection View’s delegate will also receive -collection View:will Display Itemfor Represented Object At Index Path: and -collection View:will Display Supplementary View:for Element Kind:at Index Path: for content outside the visible Rect.

To ensure compatibility in light of these subtle behavior changes, Responsive Scrolling in NSCollection Views is enabled only for apps linked on or after mac OS 10.13.

If your app’s NSCollection View Data Source and NSCollection View Delegate implementations don’t contain any subtle assumptions about instantiated items and supplementary views being inside the NSCollection View’s visible Rect, a simple recompile on mac OS 10.13 should be all you need to do to automatically enable Responsive Scrolling for your NSCollection Views.

It provides functionality and associated APIs for applications, including objects for graphical user interfaces (GUIs), event-handling mechanisms, application services, and drawing and image composition facilities.

This is a good opportunity to cancel any pending resource fetches you've initiated for the items, if possible and worthwhile.

The row indexes should be with respect to the current state displayed in the table view, and not the final state, because the specified rows do not exist in the final state.

Document Generated: 2017-08-24 -0700 The Cocoa Application Framework (also referred to as the Application Kit, or App Kit) is one of the core Cocoa frameworks.

Thus, as a result of relinking your application against the latest SDK, you might notice different behaviors, some of which might cause incompatibilities.

In these cases because the application is being rebuilt, we expect you to address these issues at the same time as well.

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